Cambelt Repair & Replacement from Your German Car Specialists in Stroud, Cheltenham & Gloucestershire | Bridgend Garage

Typically made of a composite material like polyurethane or Kevlar, a cambelt is an important part of your engine which keeps your camshaft and crankshaft in time. This is why it’s also referred to as a timing belt. Its key role is to regulate and sequence the opening, closing and movement of engine valves and cylinders. Without a working cambelt, the opening and closing of valves to let fuel and air into the engine, and the moving of pistons up and down at the same time, would fall out of synchronicity and cause damage to the engine.

At Bridgend Garage in Stonehouse, we diagnose cambelt faults and provide expert repair or replacement should yours be badly worn and in danger of breaking. Far more than just German car specialists, we work on all makes and models of vehicle on behalf of our loyal customers, who visit us from areas including Cheltenham and Stroud.

What Can go Wrong With Cambelts?

As with most vehicular components, cambelts are subject to general wear and tear, eventually becoming worn to a point where replacement is necessary. If the cambelt were to break altogether, serious engine damage can occur, especially in interference engines. Non-interference engines are lucky enough to suffer less damage, but it’s still important to provide a thorough check before replacing the cambelt.

So what are some signs it’s worth visiting Bridgend Garage for diagnostics and cambelt repair?

  • Noisy Engine
  • Difficulty Starting
  • Unusual Revs
  • Oil Leaks
  • Lack of Oil Pressure
  • Engine Misfiring
  • Vibrations & Excessive Heat
  • Increased Emissions
  • Rough Idling
  • Visual Signs of Wear

Concerned your cambelt might be damaged or badly worn? Visit Bridgend Garage near Cheltenham and Stroud. You can book in for diagnostics on (01453) 825 500.