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A damaged, faulty or otherwise compromised clutch can prove a huge pain while driving. But it’s more than just a nuisance, as clutch trouble can quickly worsen and lead to damage to the engine itself, becoming a very serious and costly issue to put right. So if you’ve noticed your clutch performing sub-optimally, or any of the symptoms detailed further down this page, we urge you to pay a visit to Bridgend Garage in Stonehouse, just a short drive from Cheltenham, Stroud and other Gloucestershire locales. Our trained mechanics can run diagnostics and recommend the right course of action, getting you back safely on the road with a vehicle restored to its former performance.

Signs You’re Experiencing Clutch Difficulties

Ultimately, any noticeable change in performance with your clutch is worth investigating. But some of the most common symptoms of clutch trouble include:

  • A spongy or sticking sensation when pressing the clutch
  • The clutch vibrates when pressed
  • You can hear a squeaking, screeching or grinding noise when pressing the clutch
  • Acceleration is sub-par, but the engine still revs
  • It’s difficult to shift gears
  • Your clutch slips and causes loss of acceleration

As a fully equipped modern garage, we’ll often carry out diagnostics through the use of an ECU reader. These communicate with your vehicle’s on board computer, allowing our trained technicians to quickly extract fault codes to get to the bottom of what’s ailing your clutch/transmission.

Bridgend Garage is a particularly popular option for Audi and Volkswagen drivers in and around the areas of Cheltenham, Stroud and Gloucestershire at large. This is because we’re genuine German car specialists who’ve been focusing our attentions on staying at the forefront of diagnostic and repair work since back in 1996, when we first opened our doors. So if you have one of these fantastic vehicles and want reassurance the garage working on a faulty clutch has the right experience, you’ve got it with Bridgend Garage.

Get on top of a faulty clutch before you permanently damage your engine. Visit Bridgend Garage near Stroud and Cheltenham. You can book in on (01453) 825 500.