Common Questions about our Garage Services in Gloucester

Although we are based in Stonehouse, Bridgend Garage has a large number of customers in nearby Gloucester who come to our workshop because of the quality of our garage services. We are local German Car specialists and can provide the client with a car service, vehicle repairs, a diagnostic check or a pre-MOT inspection at fair, competitive rates.

This page answers some of the many questions we receive from road users in the Gloucester area regarding the work that our VW Audi specialists undertake.

Can you work on any German model?

Yes. We are genuine German Car specialists offering equivalent services to main dealerships located in and around Gloucester. We can work on all BMW, VW, Audi, Porsche and Mercedes-Benz vehicles. We also provide garage services for the Seat and Skoda ranges. A full range of professional repair solutions are available.

So you don’t work on any other vehicles?

Actually, we do. While we market ourselves as VW Audi specialists, we can actually work on any vehicle make and model. From passenger cars to light commercial vehicles, our garage covers it all and we are located a mere 15 miles from Gloucester.

Will an independent car service invalidate my warranties?

No. Because we adhere to manufacturer specifications on every car service undertaken, ongoing warranties are never compromised. We can even stamp your service book to help preserve a service history. Our regular Gloucester customers nearly always tell us that a car service at Bridgend garage is equal in quality to similar work provided by dealerships.

What other garage services can you provide?

Our German Car specialists undertake pre-MOT inspections. All of the important elements of the forthcoming MOT test are checked so that your car will sail through the inspection. If we find safety or roadworthiness issues with your vehicle, we’ll always notify you with a competitive quote before undertaking any repairs.

Can you provide diagnostic checks?

Yes. We provide engine management services for our Gloucester customers to resolve all dashboard warning light and ECU issues. Because we are VW Audi specialists, our garage is fitted out with machinery approved by all major German marques.

Road users in Gloucester can call Bridgend Garage now on (01453) 825500 to discuss garage services with our German Car specialists.