Gearbox Servicing – Just One of Our Garage Services in Stroud, Cheltenham & Gloucestershire | Bridgend Garage

Gearbox or transmission servicing is one of the most commonly neglected garage services. But it can be a crucial factor in the maintenance of your vehicle, keeping everything running smoothly and preventing issues with your gearbox, which can be expensive to repair or replace should something go wrong. For gearbox servicing in the Cheltenham, Stroud and Gloucestershire areas, choose Bridgend Garage. First and foremost known as the areas’ German car specialists, we also work on all other types of vehicle and both automatic and manual transmissions.

What’s Involved in Gearbox Servicing?

We offer a few different types of service, depending on the model of your vehicle and your particular needs. These include:

Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchanges – We remove old transmission fluid and replace it with new fluid, to the specifications recommended by your vehicle manufacturer. This keeps your gears cool and properly lubricated, preventing premature wear and tear and overheating.

Automatic Transmission Filter Replacement – Your transmission filter catches and removes dirt and contaminates, but over a long enough period of time can get clogged up and cease to function optimally. We can also combine this with a transmission fluid exchange for a more comprehensive service.

Manual Transmission Service – A complete manual transmission service includes both a top-up of new transmission fluid, examination of sump/pan, replacement or cleaning of screen/filter, cleaning of pan, and finally reinstallation of pan with new pan gasket.

As German car specialists, we particularly welcome customers in the Cheltenham and Stroud areas with all makes and models of German vehicle – from Mercedes to Volkswagens. We have a full range of garage services tailored to such customers, and gearbox servicing is just one of them.

Keep your transmission working faultlessly 365 days a year with regular gearbox servicing at Bridgend Garage, near Cheltenham and Stroud. Contact us on (01453) 825 500.