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Back in days past, the only way to get to the bottom of a mechanical or electrical issue with a vehicle was to get under the bonnet or panelling. As a result, diagnostics could take a fair bit of trial and error. Nowadays, while this approach is still valuable in many situations, there’s a much easier route to the prompt and accurate diagnosing of an issue available to customers in the Cheltenham, Stroud and Gloucestershire areas.

Modern garages – such as Bridgend Garage in Stonehouse – are equipped with ECU readers which communicate directly with a vehicle’s on-board computer, which stores fault codes. Our engineers then consult fault code directories specific to the manufacturer to figure out exactly what’s going on with your vehicle. This allows for us to quickly figure out the solution, so repairs can go-ahead right away. Sometimes, if a vehicle is fairly old or the ECU isn’t giving us everything we need, we can take a more traditional “hand’s on” approach to diagnose the problem.

Audi VW Specialists

Across the website we mention we’re bona fide German car specialists, who’ve been focusing their attention on this expansive range of fantastic marquees since all the way back in 1996. But to be more specific, this also makes us Audi VW specialists, working on both branches of this prolific manufacturer – including high-end Audi sports cars driven in and around our principal service areas of Cheltenham, Stroud and Gloucestershire.

When you really care about the car you drive it pays to take it to Audi VW specialists as to a general garage. With an intricate, nuanced understanding of these vehicles, we know the types of issues that they are prone to suffering. We also know to only use particular replacement parts, so you don’t sacrifice the famed performance so well loved by Audi VW fans.

For accurate diagnostics from genuine Audi VW specialists, contact Bridgend Garage on (01453) 825 500. We’re a popular choice with motorists in Cheltenham, Stroud and Gloucestershire.