Using Independent German Car Specialists in the Cheltenham Area

Not all garage services are the same and if you’re a motorist in Cheltenham looking for genuine German car specialists, it’s very likely that you’ll choose a main dealership for the marque you drive. While this makes sense on paper, car services from main dealerships tend to be expensive. Audi and VW specialists in the Cheltenham area, for example, are highly skilled, and this means that they’ll charge the highest rates for their garage services.

While there’s nothing wrong in paying a little bit more for the very best car services, it isn’t always essential to choose main dealerships. At Bridgend Garage, we operate as genuine German car specialists too. The differences between our own garage services and those of main dealerships in Cheltenham are barely discernible, and there is good reason for this.

BWM, Audi and VW specialists, and experts in all other German models, are no longer found exclusively at main dealerships. Personnel in our line of business often change jobs, and technicians with main dealership experience can be frequently found at independent garages in the Cheltenham area. Our workshop in Stonehouse employs dealership-trained German car specialists, all of whom are qualified to provide high-end garage services.

This ensures visitors from nearby Cheltenham, which is located less than 30 minutes to the north of our workshop, have access to the same garage services provided by dealership BMW, Mercedes, Audi and VW specialists in their area. This is further endorsed by the fact that traditional maintenance work, such as full and interim car services on German marques, are performed using the same schedules used by dealerships in Cheltenham.

There’s no need to worry about our garage services compromising your warranty. Changes in legislation allow independent garages in and around the Cheltenham area to provide full and interim car services without those warranties being invalidated. Just as importantly, an independent garage can stamp your service book to retain a history. In effect, independent garages offer the exact same services as main dealership German car specialists.

In fact, the only time you’ll ever notice a difference is when we present you with the bill. Customers from Cheltenham can use us as their preferred Audi and VW specialists, or for work on any other type of German vehicle, knowing our prices will always compete well against those of local dealerships. And, while we’re proud to be German car specialists ourselves, we also provide garage services for all other global makes and models.

Make the short trip from Cheltenham to Stonehouse and save money on garage services through our fully independent German car specialists.